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Probably one of my favorite shows at Granada Theater was Imogen Heap in 2009. I came in early that day for the show. I was still an intern for the theater so I had the opportunity to bring a very dear friend to watch the soundcheck. It was so different to see Imogen Heap walk across the stage, so tall and hair up in a simple ponytail. She just looked like a tall librarian shuffling around her see-thru piano. It was when she sat down to start practicing “Aha!” with Buffi Jacobs of the Polyphonic Spree that I knew this was going to be special show.


Throughout the night she played so many different unique instruments, a bird cage, bells on her wrists, a piano and of course a few synths. It was when she used the audience as the choir to back the song “Just for Now” that I just melted in my seat.  I know she repeated this moment in many shows along the tour but it was having it at Granada Theater as an intern that made it all the more special for me.


After the show my friend an I waited outside with the rest of her fans to grab a photo and talk for a minute. She really was super sweet and made it a point to talk to every person who came to wait out behind the Granada Theater.


So that’s my favorite memory of a show at Granada Theater. Aside from Peaches, That bitch is crazy.


PS. Sorry Chris, I couldn’t sum up my favorite show in just 100 words. :)


DC9 at Night Review of the Show



My photos from that night


Tori performing Floating City for the first time in her career. The reason she played it was pretty poignant and it’s why her fanbase is so strong after all these years. Seriously though, what artist spends 1.5 hours outside talking to the fans before a show every night?? Hardly any and I can say that will certainty because I promoted live music for 5 years.

Here’s the reason why she performed the song:

Well what happened there was two guys from San Fran had come to see me and stood in line before the show. They came to see me in Jacksonville, Oregon, and they said to me, “This is our idea. We want you to play “Floating City” but in San Francisco, Oakland. In our city. Because we love our city so much, and it’s getting so expensive to live in San Francisco proper that many of us, many people who are artists or writers or whatever it is, that don’t get the six-figure book deals can’t afford to live in the city that they love.

And they were talking to me about how they wanted this song to not only represent how much they love their city but to create an idea, an energy of a place whereby people will be able to develop and find places that are affordable but are magical as well. So that was why. I heard what they were saying, I thought okay, they’re a couple. And it really came from the heart. And I thought ‘You know what? That’s a great idea. I’m going to do it.” via Jezebel

Amazon suggesting this to me every day is starting to wear me down. 

Recorded in its entirety on his laptop from his hospital bed in NYC, “I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up)” is Benjamin’s final recording before passing on December 29, 2013. 

Recorded in its entirety on his laptop from his hospital bed in NYC, “I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up)” is Benjamin’s final recording before passing on December 29, 2013.